Customize don’t Compromise;

Customization or Custom order is an order for products or services that is specifically tailored to the needs of the customer. Along with 2 warehouses located at Hoppers Crossing that hold various in-stock products, products are also displayed at our showroom at Hoppers Crossing where we also have all the swatches; Our factory is located at China and holds all our product that are about 80% completed or finished. 20% are left to finalized as per colors or made to order according to the customer’s specifications.

The benefits of custom orders include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers appreciate being able to get a product or service that is specifically designed for their needs. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and repeated business.
  • Same material: If ordering multiple products and same material is being used then the entire house furniture is being complimented.

The drawbacks of custom orders include:

  • Higher costs: Custom orders typically cost more than mass-produced goods. This is because the cost of making a custom order includes the cost of materials, labor, and design.
  • Longer lead times: Our normal lead time is 90 Days long our listed size or design is not being changed. But if SIZE or DESIGN (design means as per picture, all pictures are of real products) is changed other than the once we have listed then custom orders will take longer to produce. This is because the product must be made to order other than mass production, which takes time.

Product Quality

The quality of a product is determined by a number of factors, including the quality of the materials used (stainless steel, granite, quartz, man made, ceramic or porcelain tops (depending on the design or pattern). Material can be velvet, cotton, suede, technology fabric or high quality leather and piano painted hardwood. The quality of the workmanship (can be judged from various pictures or display products at our display center at Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029), and the quality of the design (reflects high end luxury east & west mixed designs). High quality materials are essential for creating a high quality product. They must be strong, durable, and resistant to damage. They must also be aesthetically pleasing and meet the specific requirements of Australian Market and Standards.

Below are some delivered customized products for our customers.

Aaron Dressing Table

The dressing table perfectly combines fashion and elegance with any room style. It is very suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, and corridors. The body is spray-coated with piano paint and the large capacity of multiple drawers can meet all your needs. 

Terri Hallway / Console Table

Sophisticated, graceful and elegant our exclusive Hallway/ Buffet Table demonstrates style and restraint with its contemporary design. Craftmanship that let you have a quality artistic life.
Delivered picture at our customer House

Aria Bar Stool / Kitchen Chairs
Keng Royal Bed Customizable
Lanli Bed
Celina Lustrous Dining Table
Rodel Sideboard Buffet Table 1800mm

1800 mm Sideboard, Gracefully designed with form and function in mind. Constructed of stainless steel, thick spray-coated painted solid wood & elegant marble. Fill your space with this beautiful console/ sideboard. Delivered at customer House

Opehlia Sideboard / Buffet Table
Rodel Sideboard Buffet Table
Boucle Elegant Dining Table
Paloma Sofa

Negan Sofa with Chic Design

Perfectly suited for all-day lounging with its spacious seats and chic rounded arms. Customized by the customer.

Sofa Collection
Bar Stools
Elsa Pedestal Dining Table
Bec Dining Chairs
Lanli Home Office Desk
Office Desk