Home Office Furniture

Home Office Furniture


There’s no reason for home office desks to be less comfortable, functional, and stylish than “at-work” office desks. Let’s look at what makes a desk great.

This fundamental work item should contain various practical features. Essential qualities include sturdiness, enough surface space to work without straining, storage space, and convenient yet organised access to your cords and cables. Your desk should be ergonomically sound at a suitable height. As it forms part of your home, it should have an appealing design and consist of materials that suit your décor preferences.


What’s Trending in Home Office Desks in Melbourne?

As more people are working from home all or some of the time, having a pleasing home office desk is vital. Natural materials, including wood, glass, stone, and modern metals such as stainless steel, offer an eco-style look and feel. Clean, minimalist, classic or even techno lines are ideal and complementary to most styles. Neutral colours – such as tan, matte white, black, pale grey, or other muted hues – are easiest on the eye.


Buy the Perfect Home Office Desk From Laverton Furniture

Explore our exciting luxury range to find your dream desk. Let us know if you don’t see an option you like in our collection. Our sophisticated, modern, and contemporary designs are customisable, so choose your personalised home office desk’s tabletop material – from numerous marble or spray-coated hardwood options – body, legs, and trim colour.

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